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Spirit Products, LTD.

Lancaster Tote bag

The Merrimack College circle shield tote bag is navy blue, yellow, and white. the colors are split into three columns, with the navy portion being the largest on the left side, and then yellow in the middle, and white on the right side, yellow and white being the same size columns. There is a white Merrimack College circle shield on the navy section. The back of the bag is all navy blue. there are two zippers for the pocket on top, and the handles are navy blue as well. The "MC" tote bag is navy blue and yellow, split into two equally sized columns, navy on the left, yellow on the right. The "MC" logo is navy blue and on the yellow section of the bag in the bottom right corner. The back of the bag is all yellow as well as the two handles on top. Just like the circle shield tote there are two zippers on top. -canvas material

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